This Privacy Policy describes the information collected by Adam Zurek through the ANIFACTS mobile app.

I am a proud father of two children and I know how important their privacy is. That is why I respect the privacy of your children using Anifacts.

We do not collect personal information of your child.

We collect only anonymous statistics of the usage of the app and we do it only with intention to improve your experience with Anifacts. We are using Google Analytics. It is a third party app which stores statistic information securely. The information is available only for us and we use it to make Anifacts even better.

We do not have access to ANY of your personal information or files.

We do not have in-app purchases.

If you pay for the app, you par for EVERYTHING it has to offer.

We do not integrate any social media in the app and you will not see any advertising within Anifacts app.

We do not want to distract your children with anything. That is why we keep it simple. You can easily go to our facebook or twitter page from our website.

For any doubts or suggestions please contact us: